Sunday, July 6, 2008

Big Ticket To Wealth - Show Me The Money

Bigtickettowealth Is Big Ticket To Wealth

Well I started this blog here for Big Ticket To Wealth. I've been a part of Big Ticket To Wealth since the beginning of April so it's time for a blog.

So this post is simply to state that I'm a idiot. Every time I did a search for Big Ticket To Wealth I would type in the search term Bigtickettowealth. There's a little over 14,000 related searches for Bigtickettowealth.

For the first time I was curious of whether any one did a search for Big Ticket To Wealth. It turns out that if you enter Big Ticket To Wealth you will get around 520,000 search results. This is why I am an idiot. I had no idea that everyone would do a search for Big Ticket To Wealth as oppose to Bigtickettowealth.

So from now on I will obviously be focusing on Big Ticket To Wealth instead of Bigtickettowealth. I must say though that Big Ticket To Wealth is more of a pain to type than Bigtickettowealth. But this is out of my control.

Well that's it for this blog. It's Sunday night and the 4th of July weekend has come to an end. Hope you had a good one and see you on the next blog.