Saturday, July 5, 2008

Big Ticket To Wealth - Are They Real Part 1

Is Big ticket to wealth the real deal or are they just another one of those supposedly turn key businesses out there ready to take your money. Let's take a look here to find out the truth of whether Bigtickettowealth is really your Big Ticket To Wealth.

For the past several months I've researched many home based businesses and quite recently came across Big ticket to wealth. The company is pretty new and in the infant stage of popularity which is probably why I hadn't noticed them till now.

Now it doesn't matter what business your looking at. As long as you know the two most important things to look for in a home business you should be fine. The first and most important thing is the compensation plan. Let's take a look now at Big ticket to wealth and theirs.

Let's look at the compensation plan and the levels that you can join Big ticket to wealth at. The first level is the National priced at $797. The second is the Executive which is prices at $1197. The third is the Presidential. To join Big ticket to wealth at the Presidential you will have to pay $1997. All and all the prices don't seem bad and are a little under the average of what you usually pay to join a network marketing company.

With Big ticket to wealth I like the fact that you get paid direct. The money will go straight into your bank account. With many companies the company will get paid first and then you have to wait till the company decides to pay you which is usually once a month. I also like the fact that with Big ticket to wealth you aren't required to pass-up your first sales to your sponsor.

With any pass-up style program you will have to pass up a certain number of your first sales to your sponsor. Big ticket to wealth does not require any member to do this so my hats off to the company for not jumping on the band wagon with their compensation program.

Big ticket to wealth also has what is known as the 100% matching override bonus. This I like to. This basically means that when anyone on your team makes a sale you will make that same exact amount. For example let's say someone on your team makes a $900 sale. You will also make $900. I haven't seen a company other than Big ticket to wealth that has a 100% matching override commission.

So I'm liking what I'm seeing with Big ticket to wealth's compensation program. In part 2 of this article we'll look at the marketing training program of Big ticket to wealth. The training program that a company has is just as important as the compensation plan. We'll see if Big ticket to wealth has a decent one or not.