Sunday, July 6, 2008

| Big Ticket To Wealth | The Review Part 2 |

Today's Post is Part 2 of 2 from an article titled Big Ticket To Wealth - Review

This article focuses on the marketing training program that Big ticket to wealth has and whether or not it is any good.

Here we'll take off from where we had left with Big ticket to wealth - part 1 to see what kind of training program Big ticket to wealth has. And whether or not it is any good. So let's begin part 2 here and see if Big ticket to wealth has a good training program.

While researching Big ticket to wealth I was able to get one of the members to show me their backoffice. Just so you know 99% of all the online companies will have a backoffice. This is where they will have there training, assuming they have some. Always ask to see the real backoffice before joining a company. If you don't you might be setting yourself up for trouble.

The majority of the companies that you come across will tell you that they are going to teach you how to market your website but then leave you high and dry. This is why you want to make sure that you see their backoffice before joining their company. I remember researching an online company that had only two methods of marketing that they taught and both were off-line. Crazy huh?

So I had this person show me their Big ticket to wealth backoffice. At first it appeared that they didn't have much because all I saw was a paragraph of words. However I noticed that it wasn't a paragraph but each word was a link to a multitude of training pages.

The member clicked on one of the links and showed me one of their training pages. The one link led me to over 200 pages of training information. I soon realized that there was actually quite a bit of information in Big ticket to wealth's backoffice.

He then showed me some of the links which had quite a few audios and videos for training. I like watching videos and listening to audios when I'm learning something because it seems easier for me. I was glad to see that Big ticket to wealth had a bunch of videos and audios to watch and listen to for training purposes.

Then he showed me some of the other things that are made available to all the Big ticket to wealth members in their backoffice. I saw about a dozen or so already made banners that they can use to advertise with. I saw several of the vacation vouchers that they can use for themselves and to barter with. I saw the flash videos that they have master resale rights to as well. I was actually pretty impressed overall.

All in all I must admit here that I was quite surprised after I had seen their backoffice. Altogether the Big ticket to wealth member had showed me about fifty or so methods that they have training for in their backoffice. I was quite impressed.

It appears from what I've seen from their backoffice that they also have a very good marketing training program as well. In conclusion I would say that Big ticket to wealth is one of the best if not the best network marketing company I've come across and would recommend checking it out for yourself.