Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Big Ticket To Wealth - About The CEO

I thought it would be a good idea to post an article about the CEO of Big Ticket to Wealth. This way you can get a better understanding of where and why Big Ticket to Wealth was founded.

The founder and owner of Big Ticket to Wealth is Gerald Van Yerxa. He's from and lives in Canada. He's been in internet marketing now for almost thirty yrs. Wow that's a long time. You gotta think the guy knows his stuff to have been in this industry for so long.

From what I've learned Gerald has had tremendous Success in the past with MLM companies. Despite his great success he knew that over 90% of the people that joined MLM companies weren't going to have much success. This was one of the many reasons he decided he was going to change that and start his own company which is now Big Ticket to Wealth.

Gerald has also been a co-owner in a chain of radio stations. He is a past President of United Way. He has also won the volunteer award in his community for the past two years. He's a big believer in God as well. All of these features come out when you here him each night on the Conference calls. You can tell that he is an honest and sincere man.

The first conference call I was ever on I must say I was quite impressed with the way he talked. He sounds so professional and like someone you'd here on a commercial or something. If you ask him a question you'll never get a well I'm not sure or I don't know. In fact you'll probably get the complete opposite. Instead of a yes or no you'll get a 1/2 hour long speech. Some people just have the gift of communication. I'm not one to talk on and on but have some pretty fast fingers on the keyboard so can communicate well with stuff like this blog here.

When I decided to join Big Ticket to Wealth knowing that a CEO like Gerald was behind it all gave me peace of mind. It gave me that extra reassurance that I was joining the right crowd so to speak. I plan on being a part of Big Ticket To Wealth for many many years.

Big Ticket to Wealth simply from what I've seen is the best company out there. I haven't seen anyone else with such an over all package. You have the great compensation plan with the 100% matching override. And then you have the incredible marketing training program that is simply unmatched. Maybe I'm going above my head hear to say this but I believe that if you can't make it big with Big Ticket to Wealth then I don't believe you're going to make it anywhere. With Big Ticket to Wealth you simply follow in the steps of your sponsors and success will soon follow.

To find out more about Big Ticket to Wealth's CEO Gerald Van Yerxa Click Here.

Big Ticket To Wealth Compared To MLM

The company Big Ticket To Wealth just opened it's doors officially in January 2008. It's constantly getting rave reviews through out the internet world. When considering the type of business that one wants to get into you always need to look at the risk verses the reward.

What would you rather have? A income that is great or an income where your only getting paid nickels and dimes for every sale that you make. Big Ticket To Wealth gives it's members the opportunity to create wealth online by selling their program directly to others.

Now with Big Ticket To Wealth you will have the ability to earn as much as $900 your first sale and every sale their after. The company does not require you to pass-up any of your first sales like so many other companies do. Big Ticket To Wealth also has what is known as the 100% matching override bonus.

This bonus mean that every time any of your team members makes a sale you will get a bonus of the exact same amount. When your team member makes $900, you will make $900 as well. There isn't an MLM company out there that offers anything like this.

MLM programs typically have three or more levels that you can make money with. Each level will cost you a different amount of money to join, and each level will usually require you to pass up a certain amount of your sales before you can then make money for yourself.

An MLM company as a whole is a more complicated system that the majority of the older companies are still using today. A couple examples of some older and more traditional MLM companies would be Herballife and Liberty League.

Big Ticket To Wealth has an incredibly simple compensation plan that is made to maximize all the members pockets and not the companies. But due to the large volumes of daily enrollments Big Ticket To Wealth still makes a lot of money.

I'd recommending that you further investigate Big Ticket To Wealth. They appear to be the real deal here. Finding a great network marketing company is like looking for a needle in a haystack. They're far and few. Grab onto this one while you can.